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About us

Clsinc was born in England. It is an independent brand focusing on high-end fragrance customization. It was born from an in-depth thinking on lifestyle.
In 2013, the production of articles such as sweet atmosphere still stays in functional stage, can satisfy the basest daily demand only at most, cannot bring the use quality of higher class. So the founders started to think -- what kind of products would make life better? With this question in mind, the founder began to conduct in-depth exploration of fragrance optimization. Starting from soap, he gradually found that the skin sensation and actual effect of manual soap and ordinary soap are very different. Hand-made soaps are patiently ground with natural ingredients to reduce irritation to the skin and combined with plants and natural ingredients such as glycerin for better cleansing. On this basis, Clsinc began to further explore the handmade soap, and put the pursuit of quality of life into the product design, aiming to let every user can eliminate the fatigue of the whole body, enjoy the warmth and healing brought by details and quality.
At present, Clsinc brand has launched more product series to meet people's different needs,Products cover soap, perfume, fragrance and other exquisite daily necessities. Each Clsinc product adopts the ancient cooling process, abandoning the previous artificial way of adding essence to increase fragrance, by extracting plant essence to increase fragrance naturally. Even if the production cycle of pure manual grinding lasts for several months, we always believe that only a sincere brand can truly restore customers' pursuit of life.
Here is no end to the pursuit of perfection. In the future, Clsinc, with the concept of "Quality springs from life", will continue to be based on the help of exquisite life and make continuous progress towards a global professional fragrance brand, hoping to bring protection and companionship to more people who love life.


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